Path of Kami March 2022 Dev Log

Hi everyone!

We hope you are all doing well, it’s been a bit since we released a dev log so were excited to show you what we’ve been working on! 

Elemental and Spirit Lantern Types

Kazeyo with an Elemental Lantern

We have added a new lantern type and updated the lanterns system a bit. There are now two different types of lanterns: Spirit and Elemental. 

Spirit Lantern (also may be referred to as collectible lantern) can be used to activate Sacred fountains revealing wandering spirits you’ll have to catch and bring back. This interacts with the puzzle manager requiring 2 - 3 of these to light before a wandering spirit is revealed. These can also reveal collectibles!

Elemental Lanterns interact with platforms and when lit by your spirit fire to move them! These are primarily used for traversal puzzles. In the future, we plan on incorporating different elemental fire, and depending on what fire you use, the platforms could behave differently.

Platforms New Look

We have started to implement wolf-themed platforms to make interactables stand out more!

Progress on Crescent Cove 

We have been excitedly working on the Crescent Cove Area. One of the new areas that have yet to be revealed that’s part of the prologue. We have lots in store for this area such as meeting a special Kami.

Evil Spirits Concept Art

The “demons” are malevolent spirits or tricksters intent on stopping Kazeyo from reaching his goal. We’ve started to concept out some you will meet in the prologue!

Kazeyo Fresh Look 

We are excited to reveal Kazeyo’s new look! 

We hope you enjoyed this month’s dev log! Have a question you’d like answered? Send us a reply or contact us on social media, we’d love to answer it!

Thanks for tuning in,

Captilight Team


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Those are some really kool features. Really like the art work of the game. Keep it up! :)


Glad you like them and thanks so much for the support! <3