Path of Kami Journey Begins - Patch Update 3.0.7

Hello Wolf Pack! Thank you all for playing our game, we are super excited to share that the game now has a positive rating on steam, thank you all for sharing your thoughts with us and for leaving reviews! It means the world to us. We are thrilled to share that we have added some updates requested from the community along with additional optimization, QoL and bug fixes.


Game updates

- Added SFX for spirit portal
- Adjusted the volume levels of the music for level 2 and ending song
- Added vocals for Oboroguruma
- Other additional SFX and QoL enhancements
- Optimization improvements for art and lighting
- Updated Control settings to now have input binding
- Added additional invert camera options
- Additional tidbits of lore have been added throughout the game. This lore is optional and can access it by 'inspecting.'
- Updated IK to not be active when falling or jumping, this should help with the 'floaty' feeling when jumping around and also not flying off the platforms while jumping off

Bug Fixes

- Fixed: If fire from a lantern was taken back before getting collectible, can't pick it up
- Some missing localization for all languages
- Fixed: Pressing ESC in the collectible menu makes the cursor disappear
- Fixed: When using Xbox controller it automatically lists PS controller as Xbox
- Fixed Some audio tracks that weren't playing
- Game no longer crashes when starting a new game in full-screen mode
- Updated steam achievement typo
- Updated Cave of Reflection introductory area to close gap in debri (this was causing some players to get stuck)
- Fixed spirit fountain SFX. Now the water sound should only play if the fountain has water in it.
- Fixed collectible SFX bug. Now they will play an ambient sound until collected. Then after collecting, if you reload a save, the collectibles won't play a sound if they've been collected. Also, collectibles that haven't been activated won't play ambient sound until they are activated.
- Paw prints are now green when using Earth Element

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Version 4 Dec 14, 2022

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