Path of Kami Journey Begins Patch Update 3.0.5

Hi everyone! Thank you all for the wonderful feedback and for playing the game. It means so much to us to have all of you with us, thank you to everyone sharing your thoughts and bug reports with us. Excited to share we'll be fixing some of the bugs reported, apologies on the wait were a small team and it takes a bit of time for us to get to things but we hope you enjoy it! So...lets get to it <3


Game Updates

- Update to suspension bridge, if its not on the same side, there's now a prompt to call it over
- Optimization improvements for art and lighting
- Removed floating fish in crescent cove
- Worldbuilding Updates to Spirit World

Bug Fixes

- Fixed Menu Bugs
- Fixed getting stuck in photo mode
- Fixed issue with getting stuck under the world when respawning
- Fixed issue with game crashing when changing levels
- Updated collision on some assets
- Fixed instances where wisp may split into two in small spaces
- Save system refactor and bug fixes


We tried as best we could to make the save data compatible as much as possible but with the refactoring and improvements it was difficult to get it completely in sync. It's recommended to start a new game with this update as the save data will not be completely compatible. We apologize for the inconvenience, with this update this shouldn't be a problem in the future!

What's next?

- Input Control Binding
- Various bug fixes
- Additional Optimization Improvements

What else would you like to see next? Let us know in the discussions 

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