Path of Kami Journey Begins - Patch Update

Hi everyone! We have pushed a small patch with some bug fixes. Thank you to everyone who has been reporting them, it helps a ton with narrowing the bugs down :)


Game Updates

  • Updated main puzzle in Cave of Reflection area to make it easier to backtrack
  • Updated terrain between Shivelight grove and Keikai Village to make it not possible to pass the bamboo forest

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed saving icon looping when saving settings
  • Fixed Kazeyo getting stuck when using bark animation in the fountain
  • Fixed issue with music disappearing when starting a new game
  • Fixed the collectables ticking over the max
  • Fixed main puzzle in Cemetery area where column wasn't animating

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Do we have to pay for each update made to the game?

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Nope updates free! :) To get the update you can redownload the game from the game page